ANTAR envisions a society which is free from human rights violations and people enjoys comfortable livelihood options.

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ANTAR envisions a society which is free from human rights violations and people enjoys comfortable livelihood options.

ANTAR’s mission is to build capacity of the children and women in particular and the weaker section of the society in general so that they can realize their rights, through mobilization, increased awareness, building capacity, participation and advocacy and lobbying.

ANTAR also has missions to promote livelihood standards particularly of the disadvantaged section of the society through creating provisions for services.

ANTAR is an action oriented organization and has been endeavoring to improve the Socio-economic conditions of the disadvantaged people of Bangladesh focusing to empowering children and women in particular.

The goal of ANTAR is to establish a right based society through a sustainable socio-economic development of the target participants specially the children and women and thus help them in attaining a dignified livelihood in the family and the society as a whole.


  1. To improve economic status of disadvantage target people;
  2. To organize female group for empowerment;
  3. To increase awareness of children, parents and community people to reduce child labor, child abuse, child trafficking and violation of child rights;
  4. Community Mobilization Program Involving Imams in Anti-Trafficking (COMPIAT).
  5. To mobilize community people including parents, children, community people & duty bearers for playing positive role to establish human rights, child rights and women rights;
  6. To enhance capacity of the children, women, men, NGOs and other stakeholders and develop different modules & guidelines for strengthening cooperation & coordination among the NGOs, Children and stakeholders for reducing economic vulnerability, child labor, sexual abuse, exploitation & trafficking and human rights violations;
  7. To act as information center for sharing and exchanging information and services among individuals, groups and institutions working on child and human rights;
  8. To design training materials for working with the poor children and women with a view to reduce exploitation, enhance recognition, improve status and ensure safe working condition;
  9. To promote ecologically balance environment.

ANTAR’s present strategy comprises of the following aspects:

  1. Mobilization and capacity building of children and women for their rights through creating a process of their active participation;
  2. ANTAR believes that empowerment of women will have direct influence for improving the livelihood standard of children in the family and the family as a whole;
  3. Strengthening coordination and cooperation among human rights focused NGOs and building their capacity for Right Based programming;
  4. Advocacy and lobbying for promoting human rights;
  5. Poverty alleviation through income and employment generation using micro finance as one of the tool and capacity building.

As a strategic direction ANTAR works in two ways - directly with its ultimate target group and strengthening coordination and cooperation among NGOs and building their capacities. ANTAR intends to promote more flexible and right based approaches for its program participants that empower them to establish their rights. Through regular and right based activities ANTAR stresses to maximize its relations with the local government structures and other development practitioners and explore every possible opportunity for the benefit of the targeted family members with a focus to children and women.


  1. Establishment of Human Rights with focus to Child and women Rights;
  2. Confidence on human potentials;
  3. Promotion of equity, equality and non-discrimination in all spheres of life and society;
  4. Respect for all cultures and beliefs;
  5. Commitment to and upholding the cause of the organization;
  6. Attainment of accountability and transparency;
  7. Practice and Promotion of democracy and good governance;
  8. Promotion of team spirit, mutual trust and proactive role of staff members;
  9. Attainment of excellence both at organizational and personal level;
  10. Work for maintaining sound environment and ecology.

Poorer sections of the society are the primary target group of ANTAR. As a process ANTAR works with all stakeholders in the society. These are as follows:

  1. The children particularly the marginalized children who are prone to child right violation;
  2. Religious Leaders;
  3. Parents of the participating children;
  4. School teachers;
  5. UP Chairman & Member;
  6. Relevant government officials;
  7. Civil society members including media personnel;
  8. Community leaders and general people;

ANTAR has a team of 45 (Male – 37 and Female – 08) regular staff members who are working with its development projects. In addition to the full time staff a total of 150 volunteers have been involved as part time staff. The present staff members are competent and have experience in various fields of development. They have acquired skill through training and practical involvement. Moreover they are much committed to carry forward their responsibilities. ANTAR management is giving preference on team spirit of work. Staff members represent ANTAR in various forums and share views and experiences and also keep continuous and purposeful contact with the target group.

ANTAR at present has been working in 6 districts through its development programs. The names of the covered districts are Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Rangamati, Bandarban, Khagrachari, Comilla. It plans gradually expand its operation to other selected areas of the country. ANTAR observes that it is necessary to demonstrate its presence both at the center and the grassroots to promote rights based approach and establish human rights. It is also important to join together hands of various stakeholders including NGOs to realize human rights in the country.



  ANTAR envisions a society which is free from human rights violations and people enjoys comfortable livelihood options.

  ANTAR envisions a society which is free from human rights violations and people enjoys comfortable livelihood options.