ANTAR envisions a society which is free from human rights violations and people enjoys comfortable livelihood options.

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ANTAR followed a right-based approach of directly involving and sharing with the children and women in particular and also with the peoples representing various walks of life to know the situation of the children in the area. Leaders of the NGOs strongly felt that local level coalitions of NGOs to establish CR fostering cooperation, coordination, capacity supports particularly through a right based approach could one of the appropriate steps.

The major activities of this program are (a) Development of participation skill of children and capacity building training for children (b) Capacity building training for CR-NGOs (c) Sharing workshop for developing BCC materials (d) Coordination meeting with children and CR-NGOs for strengthening cooperation (e) Development and distribution of IEC materials (f) Advocacy initiatives to make the duty bearers accountable and child sensitive for child rights promotion. All these activities were implemented successfully with the active participation of each of the targeted participants and contribute a lot for the best interest of children. Target adults at all level supportive in changes lives of children and protect rights violation. The participation of children in every activities planned were really very much encouraging. Children participation skill and leadership quality improve and able to take advocacy initiative at community and Union Parishad level. Participation of children in Shishu Kendra activities is enthusiastic. Children of Chittagong area are able to present their problems to local duty bearers and parents. Local administration and local duty bearers are more supportive and sensitized with child rights promotion. CR-NGOs have been taken various advocacy and linkage initiative with duty bearers and community people sincerely and effectively to make the authorities accountable.

The following are objectives of the AMFP project:

  1. To create a greater constituency of the CR NGOs in Chittagong area for influencing the duty bearers at local and national level.
  2. To build capacity of local CR NGOs, community leaders and members and ANTAR staff for addressing child rights violation through child rights programming approach.
  3. To develop a group of children as leaders for mobilizing parents, community people and other children.

Program Participants:

  1. The children particularly the marginalized children who are prone to child right violation;
  2. Religious Leaders
  3. Parents of the participating children;
  4. School teachers;
  5. UP Chairman & Member;
  6. Relevant government officials;
  7. Civil society members including media personnel;
  8. Community leaders and general people;

Major Activities of this Project :

  1. NGOs Coordination
  2. Coordination among the Children
  3. Child Rights Awareness Campaign
  4. Shishu Kendra Operation
  5. Child Leadership Development
  6. Capacity Building for Children and NGOs Staff on CRC, CRP, Facilitation skill, Child Participation
  7. Consultation Meeting with Children and other Stakeholders
  8. Develop and Disseminate Behavior Change and Communication (BCC) Materials
  9. NGOs Exposure Visit
  10. Children Exposure Visit
  11. Child Rights Week Observance
  12. National Days Observance
  13. Media Linkages
  14. Resource Center
  15. Representation
  16. Capacity Building Support for ANTAR’s Partner Organization
  17. Humanitarian Assistance to Flood affected Children and their family in Bangladesh



  ANTAR envisions a society which is free from human rights violations and people enjoys comfortable livelihood options.

  ANTAR envisions a society which is free from human rights violations and people enjoys comfortable livelihood options.