ANTAR envisions a society which is free from human rights violations and people enjoys comfortable livelihood options.

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ANTAR has been implementing micro finance activity at the field level targeting women as the major participant. The micro finance activity has been designed in such a form that it benefits the family with particular thrust to the children and women. ANTAR has been providing micro-credit to its group members with a very systematic process generally accepted in the country. Micro-credit being a systematic process ANTAR has developed a very effective monitoring system so that the activity is kept in the right track and does not fell into problem due lack of proper supervision and management. The realization has been scheduled on weekly basis and the realization rate is 100%. ANTAR provides orientation to the group members so that they understand the micro finance system and their role as a borrower. ANTAR field area has a great demand micro-finance.

ANTAR organizers and staff members have a long experience in dealing in Micro Finance (MF). ANTAR has developed a very practical policy for its micro finance operation. ANTAR has skilled and dedicated staffs who are continuously working to benefit its micro finance borrowers. ANTAR has already created a reputation in its working areas for its efficient micro finance operation. The target beneficiaries are happy with ANTAR’s support for them. Through its micro finance activity ANTAR also deriving social benefit very systematically and continuously.

ANTAR has been working for ecological balance of the country through implementing planned activities in its micro credit project areas. The participants of micro finance group are encouraged to cultivate vegetables without using chemical fertilizer and pesticide. ANTAR has providing supports to the villagers to use organic fertilizer and follow an integrated pest management system for cultivation. Community people are motivated to grow more trees and arrangements have been done to grow quality seedlings at the village level. Environmental day has been observed with colorful rally and discussion meetings in the working areas.

ANTAR has been systematically promoting Human Rights (HR) issues in the micro finance groups through issue base discussions, distribution of BCC materials, orientation and mobilization against HR violations in the family and the community as a whole. Poverty being one of the root causes of HR violations the IGA schemes launched through micro finance has been playing a vital role in promoting HR at the target household as well as the society level. ANTAR observes that a consciously designed micro finance program combining CR awareness with income generation of the poorer section of the society can have a positive impact on HR situation in the area.

The major goal of AMFP program is to promote a sustainable socio-economic development in the life of the poor, landless and disadvantaged people by which of their good plan, implementation and properly resource allocation that help them to attaining a dignified livelihood in the family and the society as a whole.

The following are objectives of the AMFP project:

  1. To organize female group for empowerment;
  2. To develop financial strength of rural and slum disadvantage target people;
  3. Develop leadership skill and management competence;
  4. Improve the gender relation development and the human rights situation;
  5. Integrated child development (establishment of child rights in the family through micro credit and entrepreneurship and awareness development);
  6. Training on consciousness raising, group management, leadership development and skill development for IGAs;
  7. To establishment of ecological balance environment.

Major Activities of this Project :

  1. IGA Training for beneficiary group member
  2. Scheme Management Training
  3. Gender Training for beneficiary group member
  4. Child Rights Convention (CRC) Training for beneficiary group member
  5. Awareness building on Climate change & it’s effect, Child Abuse, Trafficking, Dowry, Child Marriage, Personal hygiene and Children Education.



  ANTAR envisions a society which is free from human rights violations and people enjoys comfortable livelihood options.

  ANTAR envisions a society which is free from human rights violations and people enjoys comfortable livelihood options.