ANTAR envisions a society which is free from human rights violations and people enjoys comfortable livelihood options.

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Human Resource Division (HRD)
The main functions of ANTAR HRD are to develop staff performance through orientation, training, and Performance Management System. The training program include participatory management, Credit Management, Financial Control, Accounting Cost Effectiveness, Organizational Development, Organization Management, Operation Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Sustainable Programming, Best Practices and Good Governance. ANTAR HRD also organizes training on life skill development, empowerment and livelihood options etc. for the beneficiaries of ANTAR.

ANTAR Resource & Development Center (ARDEC)
As a part of the development processes ANTAR has created a training facility in Dhaka namely ANTAR Resource $ Development Center (ARDEC) located at House # 41, Road # 12, Block - Kha, Pisciculture Housing Society, Shekhertek, Adabar, Mohammadpur Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.

ANTAR Resource $ Development Center (ARDEC) is a full pledges training center where 20 persons can stay at a time and there is a meeting/training room with all necessary training equipments. The food and accommodations are maintained at an acceptable standard. We are cordially invited to all development actors to visit our center and enjoy the facilities of the center. We hope we will serve better as expected.

ANTAR’s Administration Division have some resources & services as presented below:

Equipment (i.e. Computer, Photocopier, Laptop, Printer, HD-Video Camera, Still Picture Camera, Multimedia Projector & Projector Screen), Vehicle, Furniture, Fixture, Stationary and IPS etc.
Accommodation, Electricity, Gas Water, Logistics, Maintenance, Security, Discipline, Utilization of service staff, Dispatch, Food (Canteen) etc.

The Administration undertakes the following activities:

  1. Procurement (As per manual);
  2. Inventory & Assets Management;
  3. Vehicle Management;
  4. Maintenance of services/ Logistics like electricity, water, gas, telephone, fax, IPS etc;
  5. Canteen Management;
  6. Protocol.

Information Communication & Research
ANTAR has developed, produced and collected various types of BCC materials such as Poster, Brochure, Booklet, Flipchart, Sticker, Audio-Video and Reports and newsletters as part of the initiatives etc. The materials are used by ANTAR in its field programs and also are distributed among the participating NGOs. The major purposes of dissemination of the materials are to bring awareness about Human, Women and Child Rights and helping people to critically analyze the Rights situation and their position and the main aims of these components are to empower the communities, development partner organizations, and members of media and civil society through meeting, workshop, roundtable, sharing session, consultation, small group discussion, seminar and Annual partners meeting etc. Under this entity ANTAR producing different development write-up, concept notes, preparing and developing different proposals, organizational documentary and project documentary with the direct intervention of this section.

ANTAR is playing important role for preparing and publishing various types of Information, Education & Communication (IEC) materials which includes annual report, different kinds of donors’ reports, brochure, profile, leaflet, posters, information folder, sticker, newsletter, presentation etc. This section also plays important roles in producing different development write-ups, concept notes, preparing and developing different proposals. Organizational documentary, project documentary are also produced with the direct intervention of this section.

Information Technology (IT)
ANTAR Information Technology (IT) section is keeping electronic database of the history of ANTAR through 10 computers including 2 Laptops. ANTAR’s Head Office and Field offices are fully equipped with Computers, Laptop, Laser and Dot Printer, Photocopier and Internet support. The experienced IT members of this section are held responsible to maintain computers, assist data analysis & record backup data in the removal hard disk, install new software and update and modify the existing software and assist other user as deemed necessary. All computer users including field staffs are enjoying the facilities of unlimited uses of internet connectivity and browsing. ANTAR is introducing automation in its Head office and field offices for keeping all data as electronically. ANTAR also launched its website ( with new design and outlook which is developing an attention of many development actors and partners about ANTAR.

Internal Control Unit (ICU)
The Internal Control has the responsibility to audit Organization activities as a service to the management. Up to June 2012, Head office and field office were targeted to be audited according to the policy. Field offices were audited once and sometimes twice in a year.

ANTAR Internal Control Unit meets the following tasks:

  1. Verification of the accuracy of the financial records and of related reports and statistics; Ensuring that the standard accounting practices of the organization is adhered;
  2. Ascertain that proper authority is given for the purchase and disposal of the assets of the organization, and that there is adequate protection afforded to, and efficient use of these assets;
  3. The prevention and early detection of fraud, corruption etc.;
  4. Compliance with applicable law and regulation Undertake special investigations as and when required by the management;
  5. Monitor implementation of field activities.



  ANTAR envisions a society which is free from human rights violations and people enjoys comfortable livelihood options.

  ANTAR envisions a society which is free from human rights violations and people enjoys comfortable livelihood options.